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Freedom Worship Center Omaha was established in August of 2010 with Pastor's Jeff & Terri Booth.  Located in the heart of North Omaha, Freedom Worship Center is a light in the darkness and provides the hope that comes from knowing Jesus.


FWC Omaha is a very diverse body of believers.  People of various cultures, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds find the love of Jesus breaks down every wall that the world uses to divide us.


Just as Nehemiah was overwhelmed with the condition of Jerusalem, our hearts are filled with compassion for those who have been displaced, forgotten, and those who have simply given up hope.


God has called us to tear down and destroy the enemies  strongholds, and then rebuild, restore, and make safe our streets for dwelling by the power of the Prince of Peace.


We're seeing lives changed, homes strengthened, and hope fill the hearts of people again.


Our worship is dynamic and the truth of God's Word is preached and taught unashamedly.

If you are looking for a church family that really loves each other and is on a mission to change the world, come visit

Freedom Worship Center Omaha! Check out our service times and weekly schedule here.

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